I’m focusing on how as we move further into the digital age, like how the new technology can help us look back on the past. Moreover, I hope the further generation will also be able to understand, remember and celebrate the past.
Based on my personal experience, I create a memory sharing system called Re: member that allows users to store, share and retrieve memories through the use of wearable device managed online digital platform. The system offers different possibilities of storing and sharing memories. The user could choose to record sounds, heart rate, body temperature or any combination of these experiences by the wearable device. On the digital platform, users are able to upload all the stuff and arrange along a timeline. Users are also given opportunities to hear and feel the recalled experience of their loved ones.
The system is clean and straightforward. I will explain how to use the system and the function of each step. Users only need to create an account and connect to the device, and then the device will be able to record user’s exact feelings at the moment and upload to the re:member cloud system to store and analyze them.
Capture the Moment with Accurate Feelings. Users are able to record their life experiences. The Capture including writes users current thoughts, location, mood, body temperature, and heart rates. These features allowed other users understand the individual’s accurate feelings.
Collect Your Memory. Re: member automatically turns users daily moments into a personal journal; it can not only save much time chronicling your days but also help you know yourself better. Moreover, it helps the future generation to understand their loved one's life experiences.
Visualize Your Emotions. Re:member cloud system analyzed the users' emotions in daily, weekly and monthly and represented them with statistic graphics to help people know their lives by a just glance. Also, the little grids encourage people to keep taking photos every day to fill all the spots up to feel alive.
Feelings Make Them Real. When other accesses the individual's page, they will able to go over the user’s life experience. The device will read the emotion data for example body temperature and heart rates and retrieve the accurate feelings by color changing, vibration or temperature changing, which make other understand one’s life experiences better.
Our lives are complicated enough. The wearable device has an ultra simple display that is representing users daily sensation and emotion. When the user starts to record their feelings, the device will also be able to give feedback, for example, color changing, vibration, or temperature changing. The wearable device could capture and relieve sensations share and discover memories to and from others, and it’s more focusing on how did people feel when they in a certain scene or situation, it’s more about the feelings and experience, not only to show the picture.

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