Broker’s is a new product line of T&M Liquor Company, which is based in London, UK. The company prides itself with selling one of the highest quality Rum, Vodka, and Gin. Its tradition, culture and heritage are as important as its distinct taste.
The direction incorporates elements from both the past and the present. Typography was chosen as the leading component to be featured. Type and its graphics were inspired by the city’s grand architecture, the Medieval Church, and the art deco style building.
Its upright script type treatment paired with art deco illustration, adding a fresh color palette gave the design a brand new life and a modern feel to it. One of the challenges was the design of the labels. The packaging itself had to communicate the corporate design of typography and graphics both individually and collectively. To enhance the visualization of the contemporary personality, I chose bright and funky color palette for an eye-catching bottle design.

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